Phnom Penh Travel Guide

Phnom Penh Travel Guide
The once regal and elegant ‘Paris of the East’, Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia’s beauty may have all but disappeared in the last few decades, but evidence of a rebirth is everywhere. The evocative skyline of this mysterious city, basks in glory along the banks of the great Mekong River. Flashes of color, burning intrigue and romance, flutter against an edgy backdrop of the reverberating street life, the ever present buzz of motorbikes fill the air, along with the heady scent of spices and fare from the busy market stalls. The haunting combination of opulence alongside tremendous poverty, never fails to overwhelm, nor captivate your fullest attention. A scintillating combination of pandemonium and charisma, Cambodia will grab your heart and soul and never let go.

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